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The consequences of receiving a DUI as a minor

Getting a DUI at any age can lead to major consequences. For minors it can lead to serious problems. Before you are 21, it is illegal to be in possession of alcohol, or to consume it.

For adults, if blood alcohol content (BAC) is below .08% they will not receive a DUI; for minors, any percentage of BAC is worth a charge.

The number of offenses will worsen the consequences each time.

Charging minors is based on age. In Texas anyone under 21 is a minor, however the law applies somewhat differently to those under 17.

· The first time a minor, over 17 gets a DUI, police will most likely arrest them and tow their vehicle. Next, police will take them to the local department and ask for a urine sample. Refusing to give a sample can also cause further issues.

· If arrested and found guilty, minors could face a major fine up to $2000. They can also get their license suspended for up to 180 days.

· After multiple offenses, minors over 17 may have to spend time in jail for over 30 days on their second offense, and if they are guilty of 3 offenses, they can be sent to a penitentiary for up to 10 years.

For minors under 17 the consequences are still serious.

· A fine that can be up to $500 the first time a minor under 17 gets a DUI.

· Minors under 17 with a DUI are required to take a class that will educate them on drunk driving. In some cases, their parents would need to attend these as well.

· Community service is often the most common punishment given to young minors. They will likely have to perform 40-60 hours.

Texas upholds a serious no tolerance policy around driving drunk. For adults it can lead to an arrest, a license suspension and sometimes a felony. or minors, there are serious repercussions that come with drunk driving. Beyond getting in trouble with the law, the decision to drive under the influence can lead to the loss of life. Make the right decision and plan for a ride.

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