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Enjoying the holidays after a divorce

As the weather gets colder and the days become shorter, many New Jersey families begin to plan for the holiday season. While this can be an exciting part of the year for many, it may be difficult for those who have gone through a divorce.

If it is your first time experiencing the holidays without your children, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy them, as outlined in this article by a divorce coach.

· Take the time to do something for yourself. Raising kids can be hectic at times. Between soccer practices and doctor appointments, life is busy. Now, you have the time to indulge in self-care. Watch that movie that you have been waiting to see, work on a project that takes extra time or just catch up on sleep. It can be difficult to be alone, but if you do simple self-care, then it can be a relaxing experience.

· Let your friends know that you are alone. If you are honest about being alone during the holidays, it is likely that friends will reach out to you. Many families will be more than happy to invite you over. You can show your gratitude by bringing a dish or a nice gift. Either way, this may lead to strengthening your friendships or meeting new people. You never know, this may become a new tradition for you.

· Spend the day volunteering. During the holidays, there are usually many opportunities available to help others. Volunteering can be a great way to meet people. Whether you spend your day serving food at a soup kitchen or helping a needy family pay for Christmas gifts, there are many ways to make a difference for others. Bringing a smile to another person’s face is a fulfilling way to spend this time of year.

· Try something new. Since your life and traditions will likely change after a divorce, you may also find new hobbies and interests. Having a brand-new experience can allow you to learn about who you are in this chapter of life. Reading a book in a random genre or making a dish you’ve never eaten before can be a fun way to explore your likes and dislikes.

· Get away from the cold. Travelling while you get time off work can be the best cure for cabin-fever and isolation. Spending some time on a beach while it snows back home can be a great way to recharge and prepare for the new year.

· Uphold a tradition. Although your children may not be with you on the actual holiday, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy classic traditions together. Save some gifts for your child to open in front of you if you’re not there during Christmas morning or make mashed potatoes and turkey for dinner even if it isn’t Thanksgiving. It does not matter if you don’t celebrate your traditions on the exactly right day. Your children will be happy to share the memories with you.

Spending the holidays without your children may seem lonely or sad. You can help ease those feelings by taking care of yourself and finding new ways to spend the days. Creating new traditions will have you looking forward to the holiday season every year.

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