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Divorce: what to consider before moving with your child

As a divorced parent, it can be difficult to coordinate your child’s schedule and plans. When moving out of state, this can become more complicated. If you are planning on moving to another state with your son or daughter, it is best to create a plan with your ex-spouse for the future.

When creating the plan, it is best to consider the following:

· The best interest of the child. If your child is old enough, you will want to consider their opinion as well. Sitting down with them and asking about their preferences may be helpful in preparing how custody will work. In Wisconsin, the custody laws require the consideration of the child’s wishes.

· Major life decisions. Some of the larger decisions that parents need to make will be around schooling, religion and contact with other family members. Coming to a consensus on these topics will allow for a preset agreement and less conflict later.

· Holidays. Figuring out where the child will be for major holidays is an important decision to make. It may be helpful for the child to have some say, they may prefer to spend Christmas with mom, but do not want to miss Easter at dads. Coming up with a plan that both spouses feel is equally considerate of their preferences will make each holiday season more enjoyable for all.

· Changing needs. As the child matures, they will have different needs and expectations. Planning around different developmental needs will allow you to be prepared for the future.

After creating the parenting plan, you will need to show it to a judge. You will then also go through several steps that need the agreement of both parents before you move. The process can be long but coming to an agreement with your spouse can save a lot of time.

Moving away with a child can take a lot of planning and adjustment, but if you create the proper plan the transition can go smoothly. Thinking about all the previously mentioned factors will lead to the creation of a sound parenting plan.

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